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| April 10, 2020

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NEW LAUNCH: The KeraStraight Collective

NEW LAUNCH: The KeraStraight Collective
Sam Robinson

Since they launched in 2009, KeraStraight have continuously raised the bar with their range of industry leading treatments that transform and transcend, giving hairdressers the strong and healthy canvas they need to delight their clients and deliver their best ever hair. Now it’s 2019, and clients want more…so much more. Enter the #KeraStraightCollective an exciting new team of creative superstars who will shape the next generation and beyond.

Creating A Team

As KeraStraight founder, Jez Barnett explains: “We’re putting together a team of creatives who have a vision and a voice and want to showcase their amazing talents. They’ll also be an integral part of the development of our next generation of innovative treatments and products.”

The Kerastraight Collective 2 -

Be Part Of The Revolution

Partnering with the creative powerhouse at Trevor Sorbie, KeraStraight are offering hairdressers nationwide the chance to become part of a hair revolution. Members of the Collective will be able to tap into the creative genius of the Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team, led by Tom Connell and Ryan Forsythe. Tom & Ryan will share their unique knowledge and experience on everything from demonstrations to shows and seminars. There’s already a creative shoot and stage work lined up so it’s going to be a busy 1st year.

An Incredible Opportunity

Ryan Forsythe, member of the Artistic Team and Head of Education at Trevor Sorbie, said of the Collective, “The KeraStraight Collective is an incredible opportunity for creative hairdressers to grow and showcase their talents. My role as mentor is to guide the Collective and provide them with everything they’ll need to succeed, whether on stage, in a shoot or leading a seminar. It’s going to be a fantastic year for hair.”

The Kerastraight Collective 3 -

Social Media Champions

Members will also become social media champions under the watchful eye of Katie Braden, the PR genius behind KeraStraight, INNOluxe, Sophia Hilton and Not Another Salon. Hairdressers will develop their influencer skills and learn how to stand out from the social media noise. As Katie put it: “Social media makes the world go round. As much as we don’t like to admit it, it’s true. And why not? It’s a free way to capitalise and grow a brand and voice, both personally and professionally. My role in the Collective is to make sure each member has access to the tips, tricks and ever changing digital knowledge they’ll need to succeed and thrive in the minefield that is digital selfmarketing.”

Lead The Next Generation

Hairdressers who already work with KeraStraight treatments and products know their unbridled passion for hair knows no bounds. This is a once in a career opportunity for hairdressers UK-wide to become future hair heroes and lead the next generation. Don’t be a follower. Be #SoMuchMore with the #KeraStraightCollective. 

Here’s How To Enter

To be considered for The Collective, simply shoot an un-retouched non-professional image representing your own interpretation of Canvas. Then create a short video explaining your interpretation Canvas and what you would bring to The Collective. Post your image and video on Instagram, tagging @kerastraight and using the hashtag #KeraStraightCollective. Multiple entries are welcome, so feel free to post as many times as you like, if you have more than one idea.

Find out more information about the KeraStraight Collective visit their site here.