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| September 25, 2020

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NEU Hair 4 Women: A Revolution in Female Hair Loss Solutions

NEU Hair 4 Women: A Revolution in Female Hair Loss Solutions
Sam Robinson

NEU Hair 4 Women offers female hair replacement systems, designed to offer women experiencing hair loss a genuine solution that will help empower them and restore their confidence.

Meeting Needs

With some 8 million women in the UK experiencing hair loss – 40% before the age of 40 – NEU Hair 4 Women meets a real need, and provides salons with a unique service that could add thousands of pounds to their yearly turnovers.

A Transformation

“NEU Hair 4 Women gives salons the opportunity to offer their female clients a range of non-surgical solutions to hair loss that are undetectable, simple to maintain and at affordable prices. By offering the full service, including consultation, fitting and aftercare, a salon can form a lasting relationship with a client, by transforming the way they look and feel,” says NEU Hair 4 Women founder, Stuart Mundy.

Meeting Needs

At the heart of the NEU Hair 4 Women hair replacement services is the consultation and the recognition that every woman is an individual with their own hair loss story. Female clients may be experiencing hair loss due to medical reasons such as alopecia, or through undergoing chemotherapy, others may be experiencing thinning hair simply as a result of hormones, diet or lifestyle. A NEU Hair 4 Women hair replacement system can meet all these needs and can be tailored to transform the life and rebuild the confidence of every client, whatever their story.

Developed A Network

Stuart himself has worn a system for a number of years and it was his own experience of hair loss that led him to create NEU Hair 4 Men, a brand that has helped change the lives of thousands of men suffering hair loss, Stuart has grown a network of more than 20 UK salons offering male hair replacement systems. Now, with NEU Hair 4 Women, Stuart hopes to do the same for female clients. “Research has shown that 8 out of 10 UK salons have no or little solution to offer their clients with a hair loss solution.

Totally Effective

“So many women visit salons, desperate to find a solution to their hair loss,” says Stuart. “They have spent so much time researching and investing in other potential solutions, only to find them ineffective, which can be soul destroying. With NEU Hair 4 Women, there is now a totally effective answer to hair loss. Their systems allow women to enjoy the confidence and freedom of having a full head of healthy hair”.

Ethically Sourced

NEU Hair 4 Women offer a range of ethically-sourced, real human hair systems and an extensive range of synthetic systems at incredibly low and afford prices, every NEU Hair 4 Women system can be tailored to each client to ensure a perfect fit. Systems are available in a variety of shades, allowing stylists to offer a truly bespoke service.

Find out more about NEU Hair 4 Women here.