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| April 2, 2020

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Mirage By Angelo Seminara

Mirage By Angelo Seminara
Rebecca Parker

St. Stefan/Austria, Namibia/Africa February 2018. Heat, sand and indescribable colours: the Namibian desert is breathtaking. This beauty has inspired Angelo Seminara, international creative director and four-time winner of the British Hairdresser of the Year Award, for many years. Now, he and his team have come here to work on a new collection for the world-leading supplier of genuine hair extensions: Mirage, Angelo Seminara’s new campaign for Great Lengths.

Mirage by Angelo Seminara -

Humanity as Part of Nature

Megacities, noise, stress – in the industrialised age, people seem to have forgotten where we come from. We are busy adapting our surroundings to our needs. Mirage allows the viewer to reflect and return to nature. Stunning visuals show how harmoniously humanity and landscape can melt into each other – we belong together because we were originally as one. It might be a cloudscape or a glistening, ghostly play of light within a barren scene: hair is the artist’s favourite medium with which to create motifs that show creation in unison with nature. This unification culminates with extensions replacing a model’s face, creating a perfect symbiosis.

Angelo Seminara Collection Mirage  -

Success Story

Mirage marks the third year of collaboration between Great Lengths and Angelo Seminara. “This gives me the opportunity to work with what is in my opinion the best quality, and to breathe life into my creative visions. Extensions provide endless ways into the creative process, and also into the real world. They represent change and self-confidence. This is what unites the Great Lengths and Angelo Seminara brands.”


“Mirage – Angelo Seminara für Great Lengths”
Photographer – Andrew O’Toole
Make Up – Daniel Kolaric
Styling – Niccolo Torelli
Angelo Seminara for Great Lengths using Davines Products

You can find out more about Great Lengths Hair here.