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| October 25, 2020

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Marketing Tips From Mathew Watt

Marketing Tips From Mathew Watt
Sam Robinson

Mathew Watt, Owner and Director of Mathew Watt in Edinburgh, discusses social media and vlogging and how it can help your business build relationships with clients to create loyalty and gain new clients too.

Ahead Of The Game

Mathew Watt is always ahead of the game when it comes to social media. He spends his time educating himself on all forms of social media, staying up to date with the latest trends and best ways to promote himself and his salon on various different platforms. Mathew knows that social media is constantly evolving and growing and therefore, has developed a fantastic strategy and consistently posts on his different social media channels with excellent content, building his online presence and engaging clients.

Content Types

Mathew’s fantastic social media content consists of before and after hair shots, quotes from Mathew, news of what’s happening in the salon and with himself as an Akito Scissors Brand Ambassador, vlogging and much much more. His social media platforms are full of creative and colourful images too, which really catch client’s eyes, making them more inclined to go visit the salon for an appointment. The majority of new clients come through social media. Mathew is also known for his educational videos for clients on his social media platforms, allowing them to get advice 24/7 and always be able to pick up tips, whether it be on styling their hair, which products to use or what haircuts will suit them.

The Power Of Video

Media and in particular, videos, are something that Mathew knows are more engaging than just written posts and are great to form interaction with clients and have clients asking questions that he can respond to. As well as this, Mathew is now offering video consultations to clients. Therefore, if a client cannot make it into the salon, Mathew can consult via Skype or Facetime and answer any questions they may have in regards to their hair. He’s the hairdresser that is always on hand 24/7 to answer all his client’s hair questions and offer advice whether inside the salon or not!

Why Vlog

Mathew also does a weekly vlog, showcasing everything he is getting up to whether it be in salon, doing hair at shows or entering competitions, giving clients an insight into his life. He believes that having a good relationship between hairdresser/client is so important and his vlogs only help to make the relationship stronger. He gives his clients the chance to see what’s happening weekly instead of every six/eight weeks when they would come in for their next appointment, creating loyalty between them and keeping them consistently up to date.

To find out more, visit Mathew Watt Hair.