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| January 21, 2021

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Louis Byrne Shares His Top Tips for Returning to Work

Louis Byrne Shares His Top Tips for Returning to Work
Sam Robinson

Louis Byrne is not only a renowned celebrity hairstylist but also the mastermind behind the stunning empowerment campaign ‘I Can I Am and I Will’ (ICIAIW). ICIAIW focuses on wellness, skill and creativity; all of which are paramount to ensuring the return to salons is effective, efficient and enjoyable.

Louis’ Top Tips:

1. Personal Wellness – The return to work is exciting but it will also be busy and maybe sometimes overwhelming to, therefore it is important you still spend time on you and your personal wellness. If we are to provide the best service for our clients, we must ensure we ourselves are in the best possible place.

2. Stay creative – As hairdressers, creativity is part of our craft. Hairdressing gives us an outlet to express our creativity and give a voice to the creativity of our clients. Talk to your clients, spark conversation and ideas as this will help you to sound out your own ideas but also potentially give you the chance to be inspired by your clients and their experiences. Relish in being creative.

3. Client Wellness – The connection between hairdressers and clients is incredibly powerful. We have the ability to physically transform and mentally empower our clients, which after 3 months of lockdown is exactly what they will need – so exciting! Be mindful that your clients may also want to off load on to you, as it will be a much needed break from their lockdown routine, enjoy this time with your clients and make sure you give yourself time to process after each day, too.

4.Stay focused – It is important to stay focused, not only on the task in hand but your personal destination and goals too. So what will it be for you? Fill in the blanks here as a start to your personal and professional journey of discovery:
I Can……..
I Am ……..
I Will …….

Make the positive commitment today!

For more information on the campaign head to I Can Iam I Will here