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| July 12, 2020

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LFW AW18: Alistair James x Fudge = Punk

LFW AW18: Alistair James x Fudge = Punk
Rebecca Parker

Lead Hair Stylist Johhnie Biles at Frank Agency created an array of punk-inspired looks with Fudge Professional for Alistair James LFW AW18 show. 

Hair Inspiration

References included cults, tribes, witches and early 80’s punks. This decade saw sexual and cultural revolutions, which led to the formation of brethren and subcultures which extended far beyond traditional platonic families. Products used were also a celebration of the 80’s, with mousses, gels and hairspray formats featuring heavily.

LFW look Punk 1 -

STEP BY STEP: Chelsea Cut

1) Apply water and Fudge Professional Xpander Foam to hair and comb forwards. Rough dry.
2) Comb Fudge Professional Hair Gum from roots to ends. Apply heat, brushing hair forwards with
    styling brush whilst drying.
3) Apply compression net and finish drying hair using a diffuser for a super flat finish on top.
4) Apply Fudge Professional Hair Gum to ends for wispy, fluff free, finish.
5)Finish with Fudge Skyscraper hairspray and tweak texture at crown to add interest.

Punk look 2 -

Products Used

Fudge Professional Xpander Foam RRP £12.95
Fudge Professional Hair Gum RRP £12.45
Fudge Professional Skyscraper RRP £10.45

For more information on the products, visit Fudge Professional here.