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| October 26, 2020

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Larisa Love Joins JOICO As Exclusive Brand Ambassador

Larisa Love Joins JOICO As Exclusive Brand Ambassador
Sam Robinson

Colorist and social media influencer Larisa Love is to become JOICO Exclusive Brand Ambassador across all its care, styling and color lines. The exclusive brand ambassadorship will see Love creating new and fresh content, color techniques and formulas, and collaborate on education curriculums and shows. Her skill and talent will also be tapped to help the brand test and develop new products.

About Larisa

Love, who is known for her bold, fashion color looks, grew up in the outskirts of Los Angeles. Fearless when it comes to her color and her career, she was the architect of her own personal movement that catapulted her into industry stardom. From social media star to industry celebrity and salon owner, she excels at it all. Love’s got a special brand of creativity that is easy and relatable yet still challenges convention and pushes the boundaries – much like the Southern California vibe that both she and JOICO have grown up in. Many of her followers and admirers appreciate that about Love – she receives people with open arms and to them, feels just like them, because she is them. A regular girl with big colorful ambitions.

I Look For Authenticity

“When I’m looking for companies and brands to partner with I look for authenticity, and not just in the products but the people behind it all. That’s why I fell in love with JOICO. They put so much passion into everything they do with clients and stylists in mind. My clients love the healthy and shiny results. I’m really excited to start this next step in my journey,” exclaims Love.

About The Tour

First up – EUROPE! Love will do a full show and media tour with stops in Dublin, Ireland, then London at ColourWorld UK, next Oslo, Norway and finally Frankfurt am Main, Germany. JOICO and Larisa are ready to spread #colorjoi together!

For more information visit JOICO here.