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| November 27, 2021

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king and queen of colour

king and queen of colour
Sam Robinson

Renowned for being Scotland’s colour experts, Suzie McGill and Dylan Brittain of Rainbow Room International are Artistic Directors of the brand, who work on creating annual collections showcasing their incredible colour work and creative skills. We get the duos tips on how to become an expert in all things colour and creating show stopping colour work…

RRI collection -


Suzie, what do you think it takes to become an expert in all things colour?
Colour is a technical speciality and to become an expert it takes lots of practise, training and education! It’s important to be knowledgeable and understanding of the technical aspects of colour and the different colour techniques and also be aware of strong trends. Delve into as much education as possible from your salon colour brand and work your way up to doing advanced hair colour qualifications that provide you with even further, more advanced knowledge on colour and that showcase you as a true expert.

Does working with a good, reputable colour brand help?
Definitely. You need to be able to trust the brand that you work with and know that it performs well and provides fantastic results. It may take some experimenting with different brands to find one that you love but it’s worth it to find a brand that you know will deliver you the results that you want each time. It’s also important to talk to the people at the brand and see how the brand will benefit you – will they provide you with a lot of support and education and do they produce new, fresh products that your clients will love to try in the salon and purchase are just a couple of important things to take into consideration when choosing a colour brand.

Dylan, when you’re creating colour, how do you decide what colour you want to use on your models and the placement of the colour to create show stopping work?
For all of our collections we sit down and discuss an inspiration, which helps to inspire the colours that we use in the hair. For example our 2019 collection was the 70s meets the 80s and we chose colours that represented both of these eras. Our Ruby collection was of course inspired by Rainbow Room International’s 40 year anniversary and therefore we used a number of beautiful red tones and our 2021 collection took inspiration from punk hair colour shades. Of course with all hair colour collections we also take into consideration trends – what the biggest hair colour trends are that year, the Pantone Colour of the Year and also popular colour techniques such as colour spill, freehand colour painting and colour flashes.

How do you stay on top of hair colour trends and do these play a role in the colour work in your collections?
As a colour expert you need to be aware of hair colour trends and upcoming trends for the new seasons. We do this by watching Fashion Week’s, reading consumer magazines and e-zines and industry publications and also via social media. We always try to be a season ahead and incorporate the most on trend colours from the year into our annual collections.

Is there any tips and advice you would both give to aspiring colourist who want to become masters in colour?
1. Practise makes perfect
2. Delve into as much education as possible – you can never stop learning! With your colour brand, with external brands and also online via YouTube and any online seminars
3. Be aware of new trends and techniques
4. Follow other leading industry colour experts
5. Go to industry events and watch other colour experts at work and get involved where possible.

For more info on the brand, visit RainbowRoom International here.