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| January 21, 2021

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Kent Salon Pro Brush Kit makes for the Perfect Christmas Gift

Kent Salon Pro Brush Kit makes for the Perfect Christmas Gift
Sam Robinson

The Kent Salon’s Pro Brush Kit, packed full of the finest precision tools, is proving to be a big hit across the board. The kit is the perfect Christmas gift for you and your fellow hairdressers.

Best Bits

An indispensable set for those who want to create fantastic hair, the kit includes a selection of Kent Salon’s most loved brushes. With a strong history of producing the world’s finest hairbrushes, each tool in the kit has been designed with function in mind to allow you to create the perfect looks. The ergonomic handles have been crafted to fit every size of hand, from the dainty to the heavy weight. Starting with a slender neck, the six elevated fins offer the perfect balance between grip and glide, enabling you to work the brush easily without compromising stability and technique. In addition, the metal point has been crafted from steel to balance the brush weight perfectly in your hand. Each of these features appear on every brush in the Pro Brush Kit which retails at £60 and comes with a premium lightweight carry case to protect the brushes when not in use or on the go.

In The Kit 

    • Three of the Kent Salon Ceramics: KS10, KS11, KS12
      The metal heads of these ceramic brushes are coated with a durable ceramic coating, allowing the brush to heat up quickly, distribute heat more evenly and hold heat for longer resulting in faster blow drying and quicker, more accurate styling. Curling or straightening, the nylon tufts will grip hair for as long as required and then release without snagging.
    • The famous Paddle brush: KS07
      It’s fat, rounded heat-proof quills make it fantastic for detangling and use on wet hair.
    • The back combing/dressing out brush: KS04
      An essential tool for creating the perfect up-do as well as dressing long hair or creating huge volume from back combing. Moulded from a single piece of heat proof ABS, the brush is poised and balanced in a way that is second to none. The extended, curved and tapered handle finishes in a beautiful point, making it ideal for picking up and sectioning hair. The head of the brush is filled with three rows of natural boar bristle, mixed with nylon, for added strength. The brush head and handle feature opposite curves to fit the shape of the head, which also improves weight distribution for nimble work when needed.
    • All of this comes with a Kent Salon water bottle and section clips to ensure you are fully equipped.

Pete Burkill

Most recently, the Kent Salon Pro Brush Kit has been used by incredible session stylist, Pete Burkill. Pete has used Kent Salon brushes on shoots for Rankin, in campaign look books for Jenny Packham and in editorials for L’Officiel.

Pete says: “I love the range of brushes because not only do they look amazing in my kit, but they work incredibly too. Kent Salon has a brush for every eventuality, but I would never be without my Kent Salon Dressing Out Brush (KS04) – it’s the best I’ve ever used.”

If you are seeking perfection, then the Kent Salon Pro Brush Kit is the perfect set of finest precision tools for you. Buy online now at Kentsalon here.