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| January 27, 2021

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Sam Robinson

“At KAM, it’s been so important to us to use this lockdown time appropriately and put plans into place for the re-opening of the salon. The main aim was for us to put plans into place to ensure that when our team and client’s re entered the salon, they felt safe and comfortable. With this in mind, we have put together our own KAM Safety Guidelines – our promise and commitment to clients and the team. I have been working hard to put these together, to make sure everything is considered in terms of PPE, social distancing and looking at the normal things we would do in the salon, if we can still do these or if it’s best to remove these options for safety purposes.

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Effective Campaign

We didn’t just want to let client’s see all the changes we have made for themselves once we reopened, we wanted to put together a campaign with this, showing clients in the lead up to reopening everything we are doing so that they know we have put a lot of thought into everything and that we truly care and want to welcome them back in as best a way as possible.

Sharing Guidelines

We have created social graphics to outline each of the news steps and guidelines we have put into place and are sharing these each day to inform clients and to get the word out. We have also shared on our blog, which our client’s love to read to keep up to date with what we are doing, and again have been promoting this via our social media channels.

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Throughout lockdown it’s been hugely important to us to keep our blog up to date and also send out regular e-shots to keep communicating with clients. Our guidelines have been send
through e-shot to our client’s too, as many of our client’s who are on our newsletter may not have social media.

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The feedback we have had so far from our client’s is that they really love seeing what we have been doing and they feel a lot more comfortable and at ease to come back to the salon, as they know we have made the environment as safe as possible. I think it’s so important that salons keep their clients constantly up to date with what they are doing and the plans they have in place, as clients really do appreciate this” – Karen Thomson. 

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