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| April 22, 2021

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#ColourFest: JOICO Introduce Education on Demand

#ColourFest: JOICO Introduce Education on Demand
Sam Robinson

Exciting, accessible, 24/7 learning is the cornerstone of the brand-new educational platform from JOICO. Featuring a variety of online training options, JOICO delivers the ultimate global classroom.


The free, comprehensive “catalogue” of the hottest tutorials brings you the latest in education. You now have access to unlimited learning potential – think leading salon education about all JOICO products, new formulas & trendsetting techniques. Always available, and always right at your fingertips.


By signing up for one of the latest education classes, you’re doing more than just attending training – you’re investing in your future, and your business.

The Schedule

Check out the JOICO Education on Demand schedule below and visit to be the first to view the latest releases. Or for more information about the brand, visit JOICO here.