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| September 20, 2020

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Jim Shaw Shares his Lookbook

Jim Shaw Shares his Lookbook
Sam Robinson

Jim Shaw is the current British Hairdressing Awards Men’s Hairdresser of the Year and 2x winner of the International Hairdressing Awards Best Men’s Commercial Collection category, branding him as one of the best men’s hairdressers in the world! It’s not hard to see why Jim’s collection imagery has been so award winning and with that in mind we delve a bit further into Jim’s collections and find out some of his favourite looks from his past two award winning collections, how he got the looks and how they are classic styles that will always be on trend.

Jim Shaw a -

Side Parting with Disconnected Cut

“I really love this collection image, as it is such as statement look, combining a low side parting with the hair cut scissor over comb. I wanted to create a very precise yet soft finish but also wanted to ensure the finish look appeared disconnected and I was delighted with the outcome of the look. After the cut, the next step was to add lots of texture to the hair, which I created by combining my cutting techniques with texturising products using American Crew Boost Powder and the Alternator Finishing Spray to give the hair a flexible style with control and height. Side partings for men are a great way for them to change up their style easily and I think these disconnected styles that are short on the sides but with length on top will always be on trend for men. Not only do they look very cool and on trend but they’re also great for men who may start to see thinning at the sides of their hair and want to disguise this with a new cut”, Jim Shaw. 

Jim Shaw 2 -


“I love this image as it’s quite different from a lot of my other images. I usually like very precise, clean looks but messier, more relaxed styles are definitely becoming popular and are great for men who want something low maintenance. Texture is always on trend and this look showcases that perfectly. Working with the models natural texture, we used a variety of hair products, including salt spray, working this into the hair to give it further grit and volume for this relaxed, undone finish”, Jim Shaw. 

Jim Shaw 3 -

Buzz Cut

“One of my signature styles is precision and creating hairstyles that showcase sharp and clean lines. I love using scissors to create hair looks, but clippers are key for this to take the hair down to your desired length and to create a clean outline. This another look that is great for men who are experiencing balding and thinning, but it’s also a very strong look that looks really great on men with a prominent jaw line or great features that they want to stand out and show off”, Jim Shaw. 

Jim Shaw 4 -

High Skin Fade

“For this look I started by cutting the sides into a high skin fade. I worked up towards where the head starts to round off then I carried on working straight using clipper over comb technique working away from the scalp. At the top I firstly used a flat topper comb and clippers to create a square top then the rest I cut freehand to create the shape. To finish I used Label M Grooming Cream to add a shine and to hold the shape. I think this look is such a classic as it has a strong and linear finish and I love that it shows of the models bone structure”, Jim Shaw. 

Jim Shaw 5 -

Seamless Fade

“For this look I started on the sides gradually working on a fade by changing the grades on my clippers. Starting with a 0 to a grade 3 I carried on, over lapping to create a seamless fade. As I got to the top I used a clipper over comb technique to blend the top in with the sides. I then started on the top working from the crown and gradually over directing to create more length at the front. I blow dried the hair back using Label M Volume Mousse to create height and support and finished off with Label M Hairspray for further hold. This is definitely one of my favourite looks that I think will always be on trend as it is beautiful structured hair”, Jim Shaw.

Jim Shaw 6 -

Weight Line Textured Cut

“With this model I loved the texture that the bleach had given the hair, and I started by using a grade one around the perimeter to create a weight line from the temple to temple. The colour made the line look stronger. On the top I started at the crown and point cut to my desired length and then I over directed it to create more length towards the front. I then channel cut the top and slide cut the hair which has given it a great texture. To finish, I used Label M Sea Salt Spray, which I dried in and then used Label M Matt Paste to complete the look. I think this look is a great one for younger men who really want to have that ‘cool guy’ almost street style look. It looks done but undone with the added texture and is great for men who like to style their hair and who like their hair to have a very youthful appearance”, Jim Shaw. 

For more info about the brand, visit Jim Shaw at TONI&GUY BILLERICAY here.