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| January 21, 2021

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iSalon Software’s Updates To Make GDPR Easier

iSalon Software’s Updates To Make GDPR Easier
Sam Robinson

For over 30 years, iSalon have provided the UK hair and beauty industries with the latest developments in technology and salon software. Providing clients with an exceptional salon management and online booking system, in order to perfect that extremely important in-salon experience and allow for an efficient day to day running for the business.

New Updates

With this in mind, iSalon are delighted to unveil the brand new software update for iBookings, making the online booking platform even easier to use than before, and providing a whole new range of enhancements to give salons the tools to help them comply with GDPR which is set to come into play on the 25th May 2018.

The Features Explained 

• New Gender Option – The addition of the ‘Not Given’ option has been added under gender field.
• Salon Choice – The display for choosing a salon within a group of salons has been improved.
• Improved Salon Information Page – The page layout has changed to improve the layout.
• Address Finder – When clients enter their postcode, a list of corresponding addresses are there to
  be chosen.
• At a Glance Availability – iBookings now shows if a team member is unavailable at a glance. This
  feature then shows the salon/call centre phone number so clients can call to book an appointment.
  The new enhancements to the software also include tools which can help salons comply with
• Clients Notes Access – Clients are allowed access to notes; method can be chosen on iBookings
  setup page.
• Marketing Opt-in Tracking Report – This report now tracks opt-in changes made using the client
  preferences portal.
• Forget Me Function – ‘Forget Me’ button allows clients to delete their data from iSalon.

Clients can rest assured that their business needs and requirements are fully met by the exceptional iSalon team, who are on hand to offer information and help regarding any questions or queries that may arise. 

To find out more, visit iSalon Software here.