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| September 28, 2020

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Introducing Drinks with #MrPresident

Introducing Drinks with #MrPresident
Sam Robinson

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, the Fellowship for British Hairdressing has been keeping its members close and informed through #THEKNOWLEDGE – its series of weekly broadcasts sharing important updates, advice and guidance.Now, as we move into the ninth week of lockdown, the Fellowship is introducing an additional, feel-good live feed – where anything goes… except coronavirus.

Virtual Drinks

Each Friday, Fellowship President Ken Picton will be opening up his bar and sitting down for a (virtual!) drink with some special guests. The informal conversations will cover surprise lockdown hobbies, saviour buys for staying sane and just about anything else guests and viewers want to talk about – just as long as it’s not business.

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First Guest

The first guests for Friday 15th May were Sally Brooks, Jonathan Andrews and Simon Shaw, all of whom shared what they’ve been getting up to in lockdown… including some surprise new hobbies and activities that have been filling their time.

Your Questions

Followers are encouraged to send their questions in, with more guests and more lives to come over the coming weeks as we work towards provisional reopening dates.

Join In

You can watch Drinks with #MrPresident live on the Fellowship Instagram and Facebook pages at 7pm every Friday.