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| May 31, 2020

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INNOluxe: What’s Foam?

INNOluxe: What’s Foam?
Sam Robinson

INNOluxe’s latest and greatest innovation has landed in the form of FOAM

What’s Foam?

To get technical, FOAM is a pre-diluted version of our product ReBond V2 which is used as part of the INNOluxe Stand Alone treatment. Unlike ReBond V2, FOAM is applied at the station, so you can relax with a coffee while the super-concentrated formulation does its thing. No more dripping into the backwash or onto towels!

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So why did we need FOAM? 

“However wowed hairdressers and their clients have been with the strength, repair & shine delivered by our V2 Stand-Alone treatment, there was something missing. All it took was one comment from our ambassador, Sophia Hilton, to inspire me to take it to a new level. Sophia mentioned that they do so many treatments, but they never have enough basins. Add that to the lack of feeling treated while sitting head back in the basin for 25 minutes & I knew I had to innovate. Although FOAM is the same ingredients and balance as ReBond V2, massaging it in and covering with a cap for 10 minutes (before applying Balance Plus V2) delivers even greater performance. On top of a greater result, clients can now enjoy a nice coffee, check their emails, catch up on social media or even just relax. We expect the world will soon be Foaming all day, every day, ” said Founder, Jez Barnett.

Sophia Loves Foam

Speaking of our ambassador, Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon, she absolutely loves FOAM: “The INNOluxe Stand-Alone treatment is so much better with Foam, not only is it far more enjoyable for my clients, but the results, in terms of strengthening and repair, are even better and I get the bonus of keeping my basins free”

For more info on Foam, visit INNOluxe here.