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| August 10, 2020

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Indola’s #Colorblaster Insta-Walk

Indola’s #Colorblaster Insta-Walk
Sam Robinson

Indola’s #colorblaster range launched at the beginning of September into wholesalers across the UK. To celebrate the new products and its cool new street style inspired campaign, we were invited along on an Insta- Walk around East London, followed by a demo at the Hunter Collective.



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Colour Options 

Available in eight filter-friendly shades, the customisable colours offer a low-commitment solution with countless options. The pigmented conditioners care while they colour. Results provide vibrant colour and shine and last up to ten weeks, depending on hair quality and base colour. Colours include Willow (pink), Clarendon (blue), Valencia (mint-green), Lark (silver-grey), Sierra (chocolate brown), Mayfair (red), Crema (gold-blond) and Juno (neutraliser).

The Insta-Walk 

The day began with a walk around London’s Shoreditch, showing us how to find inspiring backdrops to enhance our Insta photos. From murals to textures, these kinds of extra details in your photos can help to visually tell your brand’s story, and reinforce your overall brand aesthetic, when chosen well. 

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Learning To Colour 

Back at the Hunter Collective, we were treated to an afternoon of learning about the #ColorBlaster range, which involved getting our hands dirty colouring hair samples, and testing out wigs which had been professionally dyed by the team. 

Indola Colorblaster Wig -

Insta Filter Your Hair 

The collection is themed around Instagram, so each colour is named after an Insta filter. You can even mix up the colours to achieve your desired filter effect. 

colorblaster options -

To find out more about Indola and its #Colorblaster Range, visit Indola here