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| January 26, 2021

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INDOLA UK: Step by Step – Under the Sea Look

INDOLA UK: Step by Step – Under the Sea Look
Sam Robinson

Channel your inner mermaid. Next spring the fashion world will take inspiration from the ocean. This trend is dreamy and romantic. Ruffles and pleats in soft organza and sheer pearlescent fabrics will allude to ocean living. White shells and pearls are key accessories and turquoise sequins will give the illusion of scales. Keep everything delicate.

indola 1 -


STEP 1: Section.
STEP 2:Remove the weight of the remaining hair that is loose using elevation.
STEP 3: On the same section use a freehand technique to cut in the soft baseline.
STEP 4: Connect the top section above together with the previous section that is now softened.
STEP 5: Take the front section, elevate it straight up and cut straight.
STEP 6: Cut the front section short and round moving towards the front.
STEP 7: Continue cutting this section to create an irregular fringe.
STEP 8: Dry & refine.

indola 2 -


STEP 1: Section the hair as shown.
STEP 2: Use a freehand technique to apply the bleach.
STEP 3: Let the bleach develop, rinse and dry.
STEP 4: Section the hair as shown.
STEP 5: On the lower section apply Colour 1 on roots.
STEP 6: Continue with the application of lengths with Colour 1.
STEP 7: Apply Colour 2 to the middle section on roots first and then lengths.
STEP 8: In the top section apply Colour 3 on roots first and then on lengths.

indola 3 -


Colour 1: PCC 3.0 + 6% CREAM DEVELOPER (1:1)
Colour 2: PCC 5.4 + 6% CREAM DEVELOPER (1:1)
Colour 3: PCC 5.35 + 6% CREAM DEVELOPER (1:1)

indola 4 -


STEP 1: On damp hair apply Volume Blow Dry Spray and Strong Mousse and wrap dry the hair.
STEP 2: Divide in sections and apply Flexible Hairspray.
STEP 3: Use Thermal Protector and iron the hair into place.
STEP 4: Use Smooth Serum to finish and add shine.

For more info on the brand, please visit INDOLA UK here.