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| July 11, 2020

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INDOLA UK: Step By Step – Stand Out Camo Look

INDOLA UK: Step By Step – Stand Out Camo Look
Sam Robinson

Standout camouflage prints are the new essential for statement dressing. Camo prints have been refreshed. Once reserved for the boys, camo print has had a makeover in feminine tones to suit the glamorous taste of the street style elite.

cut 1 -


Step 1: Cut excess length.
Step 2: Section.
Step 3: Starting from the back, centre elevate the hair and cut flat in your perimeter baseline.
Step 4: Repeat this step on the other side.
Step 5: Drop the hair and cut the perimeter.
Step 6: Work on the sides using a 45 degree elevation and horizontal sections.
Step 7: Work top section on elevation and cut round pivot to the sides.
Step 8: Dry + refine.

colour -


STEP 1; Start lightening mid-lengths.
STEP 2: Pre lighten roots while lightener still sits on mid-lengths.
STEP 3: Finally apply lightener on ends to clean up the base.
STEP 4:Let the lightener develop, rinse and dry.
STEP 5: Section the hair.
STEP 6: Alternate colours 1, 2 and 3 throughout the head.
STEP 7: Let colour develop between 35 and 40 minutes, rinse and condition.


Colour 1: P.16 + 2% CREAM DEVELOPER (1:1)
Colour 2: CREATOR 100 + 7.76 + 2% CREAM DEVELOPER (10:1:1)
Colour 3: P.14 + 2% CREAM DEVELOPER (1:1)

final look -


STEP 1: Over damp hair apply Salt Spray.
STEP 2:Dry the hair using a round brush.
STEP 3:Use Thermal Protector and iron the hair into place.
STEP 4:Pin the hair into the final shape.

For more info about the brand, visit IINDOLA UK here.