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| August 3, 2020

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Indola: Live Life in Colour – You’re Ageless

Indola: Live Life in Colour – You’re Ageless
Rebecca Parker

Never compromise on colour again thanks to the launch of Indola’s latest innovation, Indola PPC Ageless. This simple yet smart colour kit comes in 8 shades, enabling grey hairs to be strobed away for a fashionable, yet ageless look, suitable for all.

100% White Coverage

Designed as part of Indola’s Smart Street Style, the Ageless range provides 100% white coverage with a wearable fashion twist. Clients will be excited as the strobing techniques create youthful looks that glow thanks to its specially formulated Pixel technology.

Glam Strobing

For those with up to 50% white in their hair, Indola Ageless should be applied using the Glam Strobing effect. This progressive technique concentrates the darkest colour at the roots with two complimentary colours layered up, to create a stunning, eye-catching look.

Youthful Strobing

For those with over 50% white, Youthful Strobing is recommended. The lightest colour should be applied to the root/targeted areas, followed by two complimentary colours, of the same colour family, layered up.

Look Ten Years Younger

Chanel Nott, Global Ambassador for Indola, said: “There is always a challenge to colouring hair that has aged or developed visible greys. The structure of hair means colour doesn’t always take as intended. But thanks to the research and technology Indola employs, their products are faultless, fabulous and affordable – meaning you can concentrate on making your clients look ten years younger!”

The New Range

The new range is available from stockists now alongside the bespoke Ageless strobing kit comprising of four different brushes. The square brush is designed for root touch up, a rounded brush and sponge for soft colour transition and a triangular brush for stronger contrasts, especially around the face.

For more information about Indola, visit Indoa here