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| June 2, 2020

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Sam Robinson

The IdHAIR Education Team gathered at Tiger Tiger in Newcastle for their Hair Through The Decades show, where hairdressers could gain inspiration on different hair looks from over the eras and some tips on using the fantastic IdHAIR product ranges, including the new IdHAIR Elements Xclusive range.

About The Event

IdHAIR Educator, Lyndsey Ford, opened the event and welcomed onto the stage IdHAIR UK Educator, Lesley Stitt and IdHAIR Global Creative Director, Linda Quebec from Denmark. Lesley brought her model onto the stage and had bleached the models hair prior the event using IdHAIR Niophlex Bleach to keep the integrity and structure of the hair, give it strength and shine whilst lightening, and after lightening used a lilac grey shadow root. She followed this by using Fancy Violet IdHAIR Colour Bomb, a colouring treatment, mixed with IdHAIR product Niophlex No.1 Bonder, that protects the hairs inner structure during chemical treatments, to get the hair in a great condition and provide it with an even colour.

Maintaining Colour

Lesley discussed how mixing some Colour Bomb with an IdHAIR product, such as a blow-drying spray like the IdHAIR Elements Xclusive 911 Rescue Spray, is great for maintaining colour at home and adding instant colour when hair colour fades by simply spraying the mixed formula into the hair and blow-drying. Lesley then used a razor, her favourite cutting tool, to cut into the hair and finished with IdHAIR’s Mé Massive Powder to give the clients fine hair instant volume. Meanwhile, Linda provided her model with a super short cut, using cutting instead of slicing to create movement in the hair without volume. She had previously coloured the models hair using the IdHAIR Hair Paint System to create a super natural, cool toned colour and cut the hair to enhance and show off the colour work that included light and dark cool browns throughout the hair and fringe to add dimension.

idhair event 1 -

Bright Bold Looks

Next, IdHAIR Educator Lyndsey took to the stage. Lyndsey showed off her models gorgeous bright, bold colour that looked super shiny and like silk, created using IdHAIR Colour Bombs in shades Fire Red and Vivid Saffron. Meanwhile, Lesley wanted to create lots of texture in her next models hair look and did this by crimping the top of the hair and then added tea spoons to the bottom of the hair for fun and to show you can save the planet whilst creating great, textured hair at the same time.

Vegan Products

The second half of the evening, Linda Quebec came back to the stage to talk about the IdHAIR Elements Xclusive ranges. Over the past few months, since their launch, the products have gone down a treat in the UK and the IdHAIR team are delighted to see this outcome having worked on the products for the past three years. Veganism and gluten intolerance are huge now and IdHAIR wanted to create products that would incorporate this, and therefore, made them vegan free, gluten free, sulphate and paraben free, and with no fragrance (to name a few of their benefits!). IdHAIR believe that we may be the last generation to do something to save the planet, therefore they thought this was hugely important to incorporate into their products, and also made them from recycled plastic, inside Europe rather than shipping form the Far East.

idhair event 2 -

The Final Looks

For the final part of the event, Lesley and Lyndsey brought out a further two models. Lesley showcased a men’s hair look, where she had bleached the hair and used a quassi colour to give the hair a clean finish and to eliminate any yellow in the hair. Lyndsey showcased her final model with super curly Afro hair. The hairstyle was created with one product, the IdHAIR Elements Xclusive Styling Fibre Foam, which was worked into damp hair to create a strong afro hairstyle, giving the hair beautiful memory without a crispy/hard feel.

Fantastic Products

IdHAIR UK Educator, Lesley Stitt commented, “The Hair Through The Decades show was a fantastic event. It was great to talk to other hairdressers about our fantastic IdHAIR products, how they can be used in the salon and how fantastic they are. It was also great to let everyone know more about the new Elements Xclusive ranges, which have so many benefits and about the styling products in the range that can achieve really fantastic results. IdHAIR products truly perform and they are the best brand I have ever worked with. I’m so passionate about the products and can’t recommend them enough to fellow hairdressers.”

For more information about the brand, please visit IdHairUk here