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| July 14, 2020

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How To Promote Your Hair Extension Business On Instagram

How To Promote Your Hair Extension Business On Instagram
Rebecca Parker

As a successful salon owner and owner of luxury hair extensions brand, Secret Hair, Julie Holland is ideally placed to comment on all aspects of creating a successful extensions business in-salon. Today, she shares her tips on promoting your hair extensions business on Instagram.


It is one of the most influential social media platforms with more than 600 million monthly users and if used effectively, can prove an invaluable tool for marketing a hair extensions service. Here are her top tips:


A creative caption for your Instagram image catches the attention of anyone looking through your page. Describe the image and why you love it. If you’ve blended several colours to create a balayage effect, tell your followers. Convey your skills and your passion.


Including hashtags in your caption will help bring users to your page. Users utilise hashtags to find the best images/posts relating to their interests. Don’t be afraid of using a few – if the image shows ombre hair, use the hashtag #ombrehair, plus #hairextensions, #longhair, #microrings, and so on.


Extensions services are one area of business where before and after images can really work. From our experience, we know that these images gain a significant response. Use the Instagram Collage feature, or another app, to combine both before and after images, and if the client agrees, tag them in the caption. They are sure to want their followers to see what an amazing transformation you’ve achieved. This will also encourage comments from the client and their friends, potentially encouraging new followers for your account.


Reposting inspirational images encourages interaction with other users, and also attracts new followers to your page. They don’t have to be hair extensions posts, stunning make-up shots, for example introduce some diversity and interest to your page and they will beautifully complement hair images. Just make sure you credit/tag the original owner of the image.


Running competitions with prizes will engage with users and encourage them to follow your profile. You can use prizes to encourage users to like your page or tag a friend, encouraging more entries and, ultimately, more followers.

Intrigued? You can see the entire range at the Secret Hair website.