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| June 24, 2018

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How To: Garren X Kim Kardashian West

How To: Garren X Kim Kardashian West
Rebecca Parker

You may have recently noticed the fantastic Interview Magazine cover featuring Kim Kardashian West? We’re pleased to report that her hair for the shoot was created by R+Co Co-Founder Garren! If you’re inspired by this look for ‘A 60s Set’, read on to discover the how-to that features wig-work which took place for the shoot with the appropriate products highlighted.

Kim Post
1) Cut wig length blunt, just below the chin, and with bangs cut at an angle from the nose to each
2) Wet the wig down, spray DALLAS Thickening Spray at the roots
3) Apply TWISTER Curl Primer through the naturally wavy wig and blow dry about 60% of the way
4) Blow out wig with a classic brush, pulled at the roots. Set the wig on velcro rollers and from the
    crown back rollers set down and under. Bangs were set vertically and over directed to the side
    with a mirror on opposite side with rollers set forward on angle towards the face.

Kim K 2
5) Let wig dry overnight placed under dryer.
6) Next day, backcomb through entire wig.
7) Top and front sides smoothed with a Mason Pearson brush and secured with OUTER SPACE
    Flexible Hairspray.

For more information on the products used, you can visit the brand’s website RandCo.