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| February 24, 2021

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HairFlair are making their perm training FREE during lockdown

HairFlair are making their perm training FREE during lockdown
Sam Robinson

HairFlair are making their perm training FREE during lockdown so as well as one live perm session, Nov 16, 10am-12pm, salons can also book various bespoke dates and times from a calendar to enjoy private training for their salon team, also free – great for morale and team building as well as upskilling!

Salons can buy a perm bundle from the website for under £50 and perm along live, or simply watch the session which will be sent to them afterwards, and they can then buy the kit they want and learn at their leisure.

New Generation Perm

The new generation perm is set to be the next big hair service and salons who capitalise on demand can grow their profit margin. Karine Jackson at Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair & Beauty in London is now doing an average of 4 perms a day bringing in £72k of additional revenue in the last 12 months, representative of 4% of the salon’s takings. Not only that, during lockdown 85% of new enquiries were about perms and post lockdown the salon is a further 6% up on this service. Led by Carolyn Walker, Head of Education, HairFlair’s perm course is aimed at hairdressers who are interested in perming for the first time, or those well versed in the technique but keen to learn the new Modern Wave technique.

The Details

When: 16 November, 10am-12pm; and various bespoke date and time slots
Where: online
Book the live event on Nov 16 here. 
Book a private slot – various dates throughout lockdown here.

What To Expect:

  • Know and understand Curlformers’ different widths and lengths and the end result they produce.
  • How to talk to through a client consultation & curl result expectation.
  • Know how to prepare, section & apply Curlformers, choosing to do a full head to the roots, working off base to mid-length or just on the ends.
  • Learn when to apply perm lotion, how to do a test curl, neutralising & finishing.
  • Each participant will receive a certificate of completion, inclusion in the HairFlair online directory of accredited perm salons alongside Karine Jackson & Errol Douglas Salon among others, and marketing materials including imagery to use in salon or online.
  • The course will be sent out after the event to be watched again so delegates can choose to perm-a-long at the same time or later.

For more info on the brand, visit Hair Flair here.