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| September 25, 2020

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Hairdos for Heroes brought to you by Great Lengths

Hairdos for Heroes brought to you by Great Lengths
Joanne Charlton

Calling all salons to dedicate a day or two to giving back to our frontline heroes!

Hairdos for Heroes encourages salons across the UK to dedicate one day to providing frontline staff with a free cut and blowdry when it is safe again for salons to open and resume service. The free pamper session will reward frontline staff for their amazing and selfless work that has helped us all so much during this time. When COVID-19 is far behind us, and our frontline workers have had their chance to rest properly, Great Lengths wants to ensure their efforts are not forgotten in a hurry and continue to praise them for their work not only during a crisis but always.


The campaign will take place nationally on Sunday 6th and Monday the 7th September, and salons can decide which day they participate or can opt to participate across both days. Each participating salon will be listed on the dedicated Hairdos for Heroes web page here Frontline workers will be able to connect with participating salons in their area and book in directly with them for their appointment. 


Salons can register their interest in participating, by contacting Great Lengths directly on  Full marketing and event support will be provided. They look forward to you joining them to give back!