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| January 20, 2021

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Sam Robinson

The Hair & Beauty Charity has announced its elected President for the 2020 tenure, as Samantha Grocutt. Samantha continues the role after her co-Presidency with outgoing co-President, Philip Sharp of ASP.

Samantha’s Work

Samantha Grocutt, Managing Director of hair and beauty PR agency Essence PR, has served on the charity committee for over twelve years, both in its guises as The Hairdressers’ Charity, and formerly The Hair and Beauty Benevolent. Samantha has been instrumental in implementing and overseeing many successful fundraising initiatives during this time, and her passion for the charity, combined with an envious black book of contacts, is a considerable benefit during her tenure.

About The Charity

Established in 1853, the charity under various names was been established to support hair and beauty professionals who have been affected by illness, disability, bereavement or financial hardship. With over 300 applicants requesting help each year, the charity relies on the support of the professional hair and beauty industry to provide help for those who need it most.

How You Can Help

“It’s a huge privilege to be continuing my role as President for 2020. Our industry is tremendously giving and it’s important to remember that not everyone is in a fortunate position. The past two years have been non-stop in continuing to build the charities awareness, progressing the charity to incorporate the wider beauty industry, raise much needed funds to help others, and encourage people to remember the charity when selecting their charities of choice. 2020 is a big year for the charity, we need to raise at least £175,000 to support those in need and we are in desperate need for support of companies and individuals who are working in the professional hair and beauty sector. Whether that’s through becoming a sponsor, hosting fundraising events, attending our events, or just telling your colleagues that we are there to help – no matter what level you can do to support us, I’d love to hear and discuss further.”

For more info on the initiative, please visit Hair & Beauty Charity here.