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| August 5, 2020

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Hair + Barber Council React to Funding Cuts

Hair + Barber Council React to Funding Cuts
Sam Robinson

The Hair and Barber Council has criticised the Government’s recent decision to cut funding for hairdressing apprenticeship training by 20%. Hair and Barber Council CEO, Keith Conniford has described the decision as yet another example of the industry being undervalued and of the need for regulation.


The decision by Government to reduce the funding paid for apprenticeship training from £9K per student, to just £7K comes at a time when the hairdressing industry is already struggling to find trainees to take the industry into the future. The news has been met with understandable negativity by those offering apprenticeships.

A Formality

The changes still have to be confirmed by the Secretary of State, but as there is no further right of appeal this is expected to be a formality.

A Better Programme

Leading training provider, Edward Hemmings sums up the general feeling of disappointment, saying: “We created a better apprenticeship programme. We created a longer and better thought-out scheme. We’ve created something really great and guess what, the Government has cut our funding by 20%.”

Unite Under The Banner

According to Keith Conniford the best way to make the Government aware of the professionalism of hairdressing and barbering is to unite under the banner of a regulated industry through state registration.

Regulation Is The Way

“Lobbying individual MPs may well help a little, but without a cohesive and joined up campaign, I believe we will be in the same position in 10 or 20 years as we have been for decades. If we want politicians to really listen to our concerns, regulation of the industry is the only way to get there. We know from experience that lobbying Government as a non-regulated industry is ineffective – look at how the industry has been ignored in relation to lowering the VAT threshold, despite years of lobbying.’ said Keith:

Let’s Make History

“If you really want all this to change, join with us and finally get our industry the professional recognition and status it truly deserves. Forget the past, let’s look to the future and really make history – together!”

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