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| July 13, 2020

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Great Lengths Launches New Campaign To Inspire Women

Great Lengths Launches New Campaign To Inspire Women
Rebecca Parker

Premium hair extensions brand, Great Lengths is excited to unveil its latest campaign, ‘100% You’. The new campaign is centred around educating wearers and non-wearers of Great Lengths about how its 100% human hair extensions can provide a natural enhancement and help women feel more confident.

Solve Everyday Hair

Whilst still remaining a popular trend, gone are the days where extensions are used to strictly add length for mermaid hair, with more and more clients turning to Great Lengths to help solve everyday hair conundrums.

It is a known fact that over time hair weakens as a result of many factors, including styling, weather, colouring and the natural ageing process. Great Lengths aims to restore the look, naturally, using only the highest quality human hair. From filling in sparse areas and thinning hair to adding volume, colour and depth, with Great Lengths women can create the look and style they have always wanted, without causing damage with chemicals and dyes.

2017 Events

Hosting numerous events throughout the UK and Ireland throughout 2017, Great Lengths gathered valuable client insights from their certified stylists to help inform the 100% You campaign. Key messages from the insights dominate the campaign, and help to reinforce how Great Lengths make women feel more confident and are the solution for natural looking hair.

New Brand Photography

To support the campaign launch, Great Lengths has introduced new brand photography that conceptualises three looks, delivering variations of captivating colour, enviable volume and luscious length. Chris King, Business Development Director for Great Lengths UK & Ireland, said: “We continue to hear feedback on how Great Lengths enables our clients to feel 100% themselves. Restoring confidence, through natural and subtle enhancements.

New Rooted Strands’ Launch

Leading the way in innovation and adding to its extensive range of base shades and fashion colours, this month also sees the launch of Great Lengths’ new Rooted Strands. Using only 100% ethically sourced hair, the new range continues to deliver seamless blends and finishes for clients who want to naturally enhance their look.

If you’d like to find out more, visit Great Lengths Hair here.