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| September 27, 2021

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Great Lengths launch three new colours! 

Great Lengths launch three new colours! 
Sam Robinson

Introducing ​Coral, Dusty Pink, and ​Autumn Foliage! Great Lengths launch three new limited edition colours, taking their total colour offering to over 80 shades. Great Lengths are constantly innovating and increasing their colour ranges for their  stylists, salons and the Great Lengths customer.

Fashion + Classic

A mix of fashion colour and classic  autumn tones have been added to increase the versatility of colour matching and  provide the customer with as much choice as possible. Each of the new shades will be  available in both classic bonds and GL Tapes, making them accessible for all types of  Great Lengths wearer.

Pantone 2019

Coral encompasses the pantone colour of 2019, a gorgeous bright orange that  perfectly complements the existing fashion colour palette. ​Dusty Pink is a gorgeous  root tipped subtle shade, particularly suited to blondes looking for a burst of colour,  not too bright but when well blended can create a beautiful on-trend look. ​Autumn  Foliage​ is an incredible multi-tonal brunette shade, which is set to be popular as we  fast approach the winter months of 2019.

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Louise Jenkins, ​Creative & Education Manager​ ​at Great Lengths comments. ​“These new shades fit in perfectly with our current range of colours. Our stylists are really  excited to start experimenting with the new fashion colours and are equally excited  to offer Autumn Foliage to their clients this Autumn/Winter. Great Lengths are  constantly innovating and these limited edition colours have been launched to  coincide with current fashion trends, it’s important to be able to offer a range and  that’s what we have done! Colour matching and meeting your clients needs has never  been easier for our Great Lengths certified stylists”. 

To find a Great Lengths certified salon or stylist, please visit: Great Lengths Hair here.