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| January 27, 2021

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Great Lengths Launch #casualwearandhair

Great Lengths Launch #casualwearandhair
Sam Robinson

Our lives have been flipped upside down due to COVID-19 and we want to encourage you to stay positive and try to make the most of your time away from the salon.

From thinking up new ways with your colleagues to promote your business from home (Check out our Essential Guide to PR, Social & Marketing on the Great Lengths Facebook Inner Circle Group) for assistance with this, to spending quality time with your family that you never usually get. This is the perfect time to tidy up your strategies in all areas so you’re more than prepared to go back to the salon stronger than ever – you’re going to be VERY busy when we all get through this!

Great lengths campaign  -

Regular Team Contact

Whilst you’re away, be sure to keep in regular contact with your team through digital communication to keep morale high and never stop the creative ideas flowing. You can also get involved with the new Great Lengths’ social campaign #CASUALWEARANDHAIR , who want you, your colleagues and your clients to continue to embrace their Great Lengths at home. Use this time to promote aftercare and pampering and just because you’re not in the salon it doesn’t mean you won’t still be the person your client comes to for their hair needs, questions and issues. Fill your channels with advice and Great Lengths will share for you.


Great Lengths team including their CEO have kicked off the campaign with their posts below, at home, comfy and safe but still very much working and looking great with their Great Lengths! Don’t forget to tag @greatlengthsuk and @greatlengths_ireland and @greatlengthsuniversal so they can share your posts too and use the hashtag #CASUALWEARANDHAIR.