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| March 2, 2021

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Great Lengths introduce Client Prep Kits for salons

Great Lengths introduce Client Prep Kits for salons
Sam Robinson

In anticipation of salons reopening on July 4th and with the expected strict booking policies, limited services and ramped up safety procedures, Great Lengths have launched an at-home client prep clients to help salons save time through their busiest period.

Ordering Client Prep Kits

Great Lengths wearers will be able to order the Client Prep Kit directly from their salon and prepare their own hair at home for application before heading into the salon for their new set of Great Lengths. The kit includes the Great Lengths Clean Remover Shampoo (50ml) and a dressing out brush. Time in the salon can be minimised for Great Lengths wearers, and as applying bonds is going to be one of the longest services offered, the at-home prep will reduce time allocated to extension wearers, keep the backwash area free and allow for a quicker workflow.

Day of Appointment

Clients should simply apply the shampoo as normal on the day of their appointment and avoid using any conditioner. The Clean Remover shampoo works to provide hair with a deep cleanse, removing build up of oils and residue from styling and provides your Great Lengths stylist with a clean canvas to work on. Using the Clean Remover Shampoo is a mandatory step before application and ensures the longevity of your Great Lengths.

For more info, visit GreatLengths here.