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| July 14, 2020

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Good Deed Donation From Local Colliers Wood Child

Good Deed Donation From Local Colliers Wood Child
Sam Robinson

Marlie Hubbard has always been proud of her long champagne blonde hair but the brave eight-year-old was happy to see it cut off for a very good cause.

How She Was Inspired

The pretty youngster is the daughter of one of the regular clients at the award-winning Kartee M boutique hair salon in Colliers Wood. When she heard about the wonderful work of the Little Princess Trust, which provides real hair wigs free of charge to children and young people who have sadly lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses, Marlie decided she would like to donate her own long tresses.

The Cut

Salon owner Tee carefully cut off 28 cm (eleven inches) to be sent to the charity and also gave Marlie a stylish short cut she was absolutely thrilled with.

Very Inspiring

“It’s very inspiring that an eight-year-old wanted to do this,” said Tee. “It was all her own idea, she knew exactly what she wanted done and her mum wasn’t involved at all.

A Good Purpose

“Although Marlie said she would miss her long hair, she loved the idea it would help another little girl. She also really liked her own new style and I think it is excellent that when someone with long hair wants a restyle, the hair can be put to a good purpose.

The Perfect Solution

“Our salon is known as the home of sustainable beauty and we go to great lengths to be very sustainable, recycling everything possible. Hair is now becoming one of the main things to recycle and when it goes to a good cause like the Little Princess Trust, that is the perfect solution.”

For more information, visit KARTEE Salon here.