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| October 20, 2021

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GL Tapes Step by Step

GL Tapes Step by Step
Sam Robinson
  1. Prep the hair with Great Lengths Clean Remover Shampoo, this will removing excess oils and any residue. Dry smooth on a medium heat.

gl tapes 1  -

2) Section the client’s hair ready for application. Take a 2-3mm section below the application section the same width as the tape. Raise the section above the application line, wrapping the hair between the middle and index finger. Then bring the raised section down on the tape.

gl tapes 2 -

3) To create the colour effect, place the pastel pink tape directly on top of the first tape.

gl tapes 3 -

4) Using the application tweezers, apply pressure to the tape to encourage the adhesive bind.

gl tapes 4 -

5. Work row by row up the clients head, repeating the steps.

gl tapes 5 -

6) Barrel tong the hair and brush out to create a soft curl to finish the look.

gl tapes final -

For more info on the brand, visit Great Lengths here.