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| July 26, 2021

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ghd x Intimissimi: Get The Look

ghd x Intimissimi: Get The Look
Sam Robinson


Leading hair tool brand ghd designed the hair looks for the highly anticipated return of the Intimissimi runway fashion show on Wednesday 5th September in Verona. The spectacular hair look, with fluid waves and exaggerated volume, is easily replicable in daily life and created using the new ghd Platinum+ styler.

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For these hair looks, they played on a contrast between structured high volumes and back combs from the 60’s, combined with very natural free lengths, without replicating vintage hairstyling» comments Franco Gobbi, the lead hairstylist who was supported by a ghd team backstage at the Intimissimi Show Enchanted Forest.
Fairies and vamps wearing lingerie masterpieces walked on a bead of leafs. A sensual soundtrack accompanied the gracefulness of lace capes and stilettos covered in feathers, in alternating black, white, red and floral prints. The hair has a very shiny finish, from the roots to the tips to the almost undetectable waves created, to give a sense of movement and reflecting the natural dynamism of hair bouncing on women’s shoulders as they run. As the hair looks are paired to an underwear collection, they did not want to have something too constructed or incoherent.

ghd x intimissini look 2 -


  • Apply ghd Root Lift Spray on the roots to give volume and support to the hairstyle. Then blow-dry hair while lifting at the roots.
  • Back comb section-by-section in a staggered manner, applying ghd Final Fix Hairspray on every strand to maintain the shape.
  • Straighten lengths with the new ghd Platinum+, additionally creating fluid waves to give the idea of movement, without creating too much structure. The combination of the use of the styler and the ghd Final Shine Spray just on the tips creates extremely fresh and bright hair look.
  • To finish, brush roots using fingertips, just like when you would move hair from your face and push it backwards. On the lengths apply ghd Final Fix Spray by spraying it directly onto the ghd Oval Dressing Brush and then brushing through hair.
  • PRO TIP: apply the hairspray on the brush and not directly on the hair to create a more natural look, and work on the texture before hair dries to obtain maximum performance!

To find out more about the brand, check out ghd hair here