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| May 13, 2021

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ghd Step by Step: Full Bodied Volume

ghd Step by Step: Full Bodied Volume
Sam Robinson

Want to up your clients’ volume? Here’s how to create full bodied volume using the ghd rise!


  • ghd root lift spray£14.50.
  • ghd rise£169.00.
  • ghd narrow dressing brush £16.50
  • ghd final fix hairspray£10.95

Step By Step 

1. PREP: Spritz the roots with ghd root lift spray.
2. PART THE HAIR: Place in a deep side parting.
3. SECTION: Take a section in front of the ear and place ghd rise at the root horizontally.
4.TECHNIQUE: Wrap the hair around twice, away from the face and hold for 5-8 seconds. Repeat around the head until all the hair has been curled this way.
5. TECHNIQUE: At the crown, place ghd rise in the hair and wrap away from the face.
6. CONTINUE: Continue this technique through the crown section.
7. DRESS: Using ghd narrow dressing brush, pad the root area.
8. FINISH Spritz with final fix hairspray.
***Add root lift spray for 2.5x more volume.

For more info on the brand, visit ghdhair here.