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| September 27, 2021

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Step 1:

Take a centre parting from the front hair line straight down to the nape and divide into two sections.

Step 2:

Take diagonal sections and cut in your guideline at an inverted angle to the desired length. Keeping the hair evenly wet comb the hair flat to the skin, apply even tension when cutting to keep the precision of the cut sharp.

Step 3:

Once the back is complete, follow the guideline round to the sides and continue working with the same technique, keep your scissors angled down as you cut so your longest point is at the front to create the inverted bob.

Step 4:

Finally trim the fringe freehand keeping the precision line blunt and neat. Check the balance of the hair cut to complete.

Step 5:

For steps on how to create the colour, head to

Step 6:

For steps on how to create the style of the grunge bob, head to

Products Used:

EIMI Dry Me, EIMI Super Set Finishing Spray

Essential Tools:

Hairdryer, comb, section clips, scissors

The Creator:

Akin Konizi and Issie Churcher, HOB Salons

Time Taken:

Under 4 hours

Skill Level: