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| September 27, 2021

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Get Festival Ready With Crazy Colour

Get Festival Ready With Crazy Colour
Sam Robinson

If your clients have booked a festival last minute and don’t have the time to squeeze in a session with you? Don’t fret. Recommend Crazy Color! They’ve got everything you need for a festival worthy colour transformation at home.

STEP 1 — Tackle Those Roots

Crazy Color’s High Lift Bleaching Kit (RRP £10) includes everything you need to touch up roots and prep your hair for semi- permanent colour without leaving the comfort of your bathroom. Using the easy to follow step by step instructions provided, even out your base in preparation for next level colour.

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STEP 2 — Pick Your POWER Pigment

Using the Crazy Color POWER Pigments (RRP £15.99) are a great option when creating your festival looks because they give you ‘the power’ to control and create the colour
you want – even if it’s just for the weekend. Grab a mixing bowl and add some Rainbow Care Conditioner (RRP £8.99), then add your POWER drops. For pastel shades add 1-2 drops, for strong, vivid shades add 3-4 drops. It’s really as easy as that – simply mix together and apply evenly all over your hair in small, even sections.

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STEP 3 — Lock In Your Shade

Here’s where the magic happens. If you’d like to rock your new colour for the weekend, wash out your colour, shampoo + condition as normal, then dry and style. But if you’d like your new shade to go the distance add a few spritz’ of Crazy Color’s ANTI Bleed Spray (RRP £9.99). It locks in your colourful creation for upto 20 washes. ANTI Bleed Spray is also known as a great leave-in treatment to fight the frizz; perfect if you’re planning to blowdry and leave your hair to it’s own devices throughout the course of your weekend festival. And just like that, in three steps you’re ready to take your festival by storm – awesome new hair definitely included thanks to Crazy Color!

All products mentioned are 100% cruelty free & vegan. For more info, visit Crazy Color here.