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| August 11, 2020

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Fudge Professional Unveils New Look

Fudge Professional Unveils New Look
Rebecca Parker

Fudge Professional have unveiled a new look for their body-building duo, Big Bold Oomf™ Shampoo and Big Bold Oomf™ Conditioner. Designed to indulge finer hair and deliver amazing volume, thickness, flexibility and shine from root to tip, these boosting besties are enriched with an OOMF™ Volumising Complex and Bamboo Extract to help you get the big, sexy, uber-glam hair show on the road.


This advanced guise of Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein delivers superior volume in a unique new way:

1) A final step is introduced when formulating the Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein complex; this gives it a positive charge.

2) The positively charged complex is attracted to negatively charged sections of the hair cuticle (sometimes the result of damage), binding the formula to hair fibres.

3) Individual hair strands now repel each other, resulting in increased volume.

4) The complex simultaneously creates a smooth film around the cuticle, reducing frizz.

New Bottle Fudge -


Natural Bamboo Root Extract is added to the formula, complementing the performance of the OOMF™ Volumizing Complex by improving hair’s strength and flexibility. The silica-rich content of Bamboo Extract adds fabulous shine and natural lustre to your newly volumised ‘do.

The shampoo boasts a gorgeously creamy, whipped texture, whilst the light conditioner smoothes and detangles. Together they deliver outstanding volume, and in their new look packaging will make a welcome addition to any salon backbar or bathroom shelf.

You can order Fudge products for your salon via Fudge Professional here