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| November 27, 2020

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Fudge Professional is playing its part in #SAVINGPLANETF.

Fudge Professional is playing its part in #SAVINGPLANETF.
Sam Robinson

Plastic Free July is the month dedicated to those who want to make an active change to plastic pollution. It’s a global movement that encourages people to be part of the solution. Fudge Professional is playing its part in #SAVINGPLANETF.

Plastic Promise

Fudge Professional relaunched its styling range earlier this year and made the decision to implement its Plastic Promise:

    • Fudge Professional products will all be 100% recyclable by 2025 (currently 73% are now made from recyclable plastics).
    • 76% of the Fudge Professional styling range contains recycled plastic (working on 100% by 2025).
    • The iconic ‘toothpaste’ tubes housing Matte Hed, Matte Hed Extra and Surf Paste and aerosol packaging is now fully recyclable, meaning that when the stylists are finished they can be thrown straight into the recycling bin. Guilt-free, great-looking hair.
    • The NEW styling pots pack the same amount of product, but are made from 30% less plastic and are fully recyclable.

Improving Sustainability

“At Fudge Professional we used the relaunch of our styling collection as a fantastic opportunity to improve our sustainability. It is a very complex issue with no single simple solution! We worked across the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra and started with reduce as we knew that this would have the biggest overall impact on our planet. We made a significant change to our famous Shaper packaging that allowed us to cut the amount of plastic to package these products by 30%, and now using a single plastic material across the jar and lid so the packaging is fully recyclable. We also implemented post-industrial recycled materials into all of our bottle and jar components, and 73% of the collection are now using fully recyclable plastics, we are working to make it 100%,” – Katie Barker, Head of Category, Brand & Commercial at Fudge Professional.

With Fudge Professional your plastic footprint is on the right path. #SAVINGPLANETF.
To view the Fudge Professional Plastic Pledge, visit here.