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| July 11, 2020

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Free mental health training available throughout June in the South West of England

Free mental health training available throughout June in  the South West of England
Sam Robinson

The whole nation is counting down till they can finally visit their hairdresser once again. But as any hairdresser or barber knows, sitting in the salon chair is an opportunity for many people to talk and share their troubles.

Mental Health in Lockdown

There is no doubt that more people than ever have been suffering with mental health throughout lockdown, so the team at The Lions Barber Collective has teamed up with the NHS and the South West Mental Health Clinical Network, to offer an exceptional training opportunity. 

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Mental Health Training

BarberTalk Online is a new live, online training session, which is specifically designed to train barbers and hairdressers to help better their clients mental health. For a limited period, hairdressers and barbers in the South West of England will be able to sign up for a four hour BarberTalk session. Each in-depth session will equip stylists with the skills to help clients to better mental wellbeing. It will give tools needed to recognise mental health issues and equip you to be able to ask direct questions about the emotional wellbeing of your clients.

More Than A Hairdresser 

“You’re more than a just a barber or hairdresser These last few months have been incredibly challenging for all of us. We have all been having our own experiences of emotions and if you have been feeling it, so have your clients. When you are able to get back to work, your clients will want to share their emotions and our BarberTalk training can help you prepare for those conversations,” says founder, Tom Chapman.

About The Training 

Training will help refine your listening skills to be present at a critical moment for your clients and provide you with the resources to help your client find support. The course will pull directly on the vast experience from Tom Chapman and his team of ambassadors and will most definitely leave you more prepared to support clients who are suffering with their mental health post COVID-19.

Make A Difference

“You’re a safe space for someone to feel some support and kindness. This is an
opportunity for you to make a difference to someone’s life,” adds Tom. Training is free, and for a limited period throughout the month of June, specifically for salons in the South West of England.

To book, email, and for more info visit The Lions Barber Collective.