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| October 20, 2021

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Fellowship introduces new and simpler membership programme

Fellowship introduces new and simpler membership programme
Sam Robinson

There are many benefits of being a member of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing – and for 2022 there is a simpler, easier way to join.

Pay Monthly

Salon based and freelance hairdressers and barbers can now pay monthly rather than yearly, which is, according to chairman Barry Stephens, designed to make it more accessible to everyone.

“We know what a difficult 18 months it has been for the industry – many received no financial help when businesses were closed – and as a result, we have changed our membership package to reflect this. We have continued to offer high-quality education and digital events throughout lockdowns, and we hope that face-to-face and live events can start to happen again soon. As a result, we want our events to be as accessible as possible to as many stylists as possible, so we can continue to raise creative standards and inspire everyone.”


Full membership is now available at £19.95 a month, with a ClubStar membership at £5.95 a month. International membership outside the UK stands at £10.95 a month.

What’s Included

Members will have access to a full range of digital events such as The Knowledge and Connect, as well as entry to live events. There’s also an opportunity to appear on stages and at seminars, take part in the Fellowship Image Awards and Business Awards and network with hair icons at some of the industry’s most anticipated events. There’s also an opportunity to join the exciting teams  F.A.M.E. Team, Project X, Project Colour and Project Men.

Volunteering Opportunities

Younger membership joining through the ClubStar membership also have the opportunity to volunteer at national hair events and audition for the prestigious ClubStar Art Team.

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