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| July 11, 2020

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Sam Robinson

A UK-based fashion and manufacturing duo have today launched BREATHE + PROTECT, a form- and function-focused lifestyle brand offering protective unisex facemasks for both adults and children.

Ashley Westall

Devised and developed in response to rapidly changing times, the brand –headed-up by Ashley Westall, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the fields of fashion, jewellery and accessories, alongside a partner with more than 25 years’ manufacturing experience – has today launched the first product, Breathe + Protect Facemasks, within what is set to be a developing portfolio of lifestyle solutions.

Minimal Design

All Breathe + Protect Facemasks have been created with a minimal design boasting style and safety that has been carefully considered to allow us all to adapt to a new way of living. Created for fashion-conscious consumers and brands looking for a design-led aesthetic with efficacy at its heart, facemasks are adjustable to fit every face shape, made from organic cotton, and incorporate an optional five-layer carbon filter for an added layer of protection.


Says Ashley Westall: “Breathe + Protect was launched to respond to the sudden challenges presented to consumers and businesses in a rapidly changing world. Our aim is to offer a thoughtfully procured, design-led aesthetic marrying both form and function, while presenting an additional layer of security and reassurance to individuals and employers looking to safeguard staff in client-facing businesses.”

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  • Minimal design aesthetic boasting a pleated shape for a structured fit.
  • Internal (optional) filter pouch to house the PM2.5 filter.
  • Fluid and cough particle resistant.
  • Reduces CO2.
  • Eliminates heat and moisture.
  • Adjustable toggle to fit every face.
  • Outer fabric in organic cotton / breathable organic cotton liner

5 Colour Ways

COLOURS: Unisex adults and children’s sizes are available in 5 colour ways – Natural (AN01), Grey (AG02), Khaki (AK03), Pink (AP04) and Black (AB05) and come housed in a non-woven, dust-proof bag with swing tags.

Replaceable Filters

FILTER SYSTEM: Each Breath + Protect Facemask comes with 2 replaceable PM2.5 filters (these are 95% effective, fluid and cough particle resistant and eliminate bacteria, dust, pollen, vehicle emissions, industrial pollution and pet dander). Each facemask boasts a five-layer filter system that should be changed every 16-24 hours, comprising of:

  • Smooth non-woven layer dust filtration system.
  • Fine filter cloth.
  • High-grade activated carbon.
  • Fine particle filtration layer.
  • Final non-woven layer deep filtration system


All Breathe + Protect Facemasks can be designed with bespoke company logos (instead of the Breathe logo) ensuring brands can remain true to their own brand aesthetic. 

For more info, visit Breathe And Protect here.