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| August 24, 2019

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Exploring The Science Behind The New #ghdgold:

Exploring The Science Behind The New #ghdgold:
Rebecca Parker

Salon Business was recently invited along to Cambridge for a sneak peek behind the scenes at ghd’s research and development labs. We discovered exactly what goes into making their products, and more specifically, their innovative new Gold Styler.

ghd salon business lab coat -

The Location

Cambridge is home to the ghd labs because it’s the UK tech hub, home to 1,400 technology and biotechnology companies, with 40,000 Scientists and Engineers in one place. We were greeted by Dr Tim Moore, ghd’s Chief Technology Officer who’s responsible for product concept, creation and development, and he taught us exactly what makes the new ghd gold styler so special. Here comes its best bits…

About The Gold Styler

Boasting a 25 second heat-up time and Dual-Zone Technology, the new and groundbreaking ghd gold professional styler is proven to deliver sleeker, smoother, & healthier hair with an optimum styling temperature of 185°.

the ghd gold styler -

The Science Bit

The quality of the plates on a straightener are what determine the finish, and the new ghd gold styler’s dual-zone technology means that it maintains a safer-for-hair heat constantly and evenly from root to tip. It uses two sensors as opposed to the one that most other stylers on the market have, and you only need to pass it through the hair just once to perfectly style it!

Why 185°?

Research has shown 185° to be the optimum temperature for styling hair and reducing hair breakage that can occur from other stylers which go 230° upwards. When styled at 185°, hair enters a glass transition phase. This is the temperature at which a material goes from hard or brittle to a malleable state, so for hair styling, your hair can be styled without damage. That’s exactly why ghd don’t offer a wide variety of temperature settings. Any less makes the styling ineffective, whilst more could cause permanent damage, which we learnt whilst watching an experiment in the lab.

burnt hair experiment -

A Word From Dr Tim

“The heat and temperature of straighteners is very important. You don’t need extreme heat to get perfectly styled hair. After rigorous testing, ghd introduces ghd gold, the styler that features dual-zone technology and lets people style their hair exactly how they want, without compromising the health of their hair. The dual zone sensors mean there’s no sudden surge or drop in temperature – which is detrimental to hair health and styling results – delivering safer-for-hair heat at all times, from root to tip.’

ghd 18k gold styler -

Win A Gold 18K Styler

Created to celebrate the launch of the new ghd gold styler, ghd have produced a limited run of just ten 18k gold stylers. Boasting an estimated value of £1000, only a handful of people in the world will get to own one. For a chance to win, there’s a golden ticket inside each ghd gold styler purchased. Simply follow its instructions and register online before the 31st May 2018.

The ghd gold is available for £139 from 19th February. Join the countdown by following @ghdhair here on Instagram.