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| April 24, 2024

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Expert Tips with Katy Grimshaw: Tape Extension Application

Expert Tips with Katy Grimshaw: Tape Extension Application
Sam Robinson

Katy Grimshaw, Founder of Spectrum One Hair Extensions, created her own extensions range out of frustration for endlessly searching for quality hair extensions that would allow her the freedom to create the looks she wanted, without causing damage to the hair.

Katy used her extensive experience as a Colour Specialist and a Wella & Schwarzkopf Master Colour Expert, as well as an eager eye for detail and innate understanding of how to deliver a perfect, custom look for each and every Client, to grow Spectrum One Hair Extensions into the UK’s best loved professional hair extension brand.

Tape Extensions
These are the quickest method on the market. It’s great on all hair types, but especially for finer hair as the weight of the extensions is distributed more evenly along the inch long tape. You can save your Clients months, if not years, of growing their hair out, and for some you can give them that hair texture or thickness they never could have achieved on their own.

Katy’s Tips for Tape Extension Applications

Pay Attention To The Top AND The Bottom Of Your Sections
Usually when placing and applying the tape extensions, Stylists will automatically focus on getting a clean section on the top, but forget about the bottom because it’s hard to see. As you’re applying the tape’s top and bottom to sandwich
the hair in between, the bottom is just as important as the top, so always check and clean it up.

Work On Straight Lines
Similar to all methods that require sectioning, the cleaner and straighter you can get in your preparation, the easier and more seamless the application will be. 

Tame Those Flyaways
For clients who have flyaways or breakage, you can help them out as a little bonus extra by pushing
the flyaways down flat whilst you’re applying your tapes to capture any unruly hair in your tape
sandwich. This will give your client a smoother finish overall, I guarantee they’ll love you for it.

Mind The Gap
Always leave a gap the width of your pin tail comb between the edge of your tapes and the scalp to avoid any unnecessary tension. We always want to look after the clients natural hair and scalp first.

Check The Depth
Your pin tail comb should always be slightly visible when you’re taking your section. This helps me to
know my section is the correct depth with ease.

For More Tips
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