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| April 19, 2019

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Embrace a fuller life

Embrace a fuller life
Joanne Charlton

NIOXIN is leading the thinning hair conversation, recently commissioning Global research called The Psychological Impact of Hair Thinning in a Digital Age. These universal insights help inspire and inform NIOXIN’S innovation pipeline, which is no doubt why NIOXIN is the number 1* selling salon brand for thicker, fuller-looking hair**. 

NIOXIN’s Global Research delved into peoples’ experiences of thinning hair globally at all ages and walks of life. The results were quite unexpected and provided the foundation for the newest innovations to be released by the brand.

Led by Yale University psychologist Dr Marianne LaFrance, the results confirmed that people with thinning hair hold back from living a fuller life. In fact, a quarter of respondents stated they would avoid social interactions if they experienced hair thinning.

The NIOXIN-commissioned research also revealed that 61 percent of the 4,000 respondents agreed to feeling concerned about hair thinning, showing it’s a growing concern. And the booming digital era has only worsened the problem with over half of the women surveyed reporting being less likely to take a selfie and upload pictures onto social media if they were to experience hair thinning compared to a third of men.

“The NIOXIN Global Research data clearly shows that the experience of hair thinning leads some people to reduce the uploading of photographs to social media sites because they have concerns about their appearance and prefer not to leave a permanent record of how they look,” says Dr LaFrance.

In a bid to change this, NIOXIN has launched a campaign to encourage clients to Embrace a Fuller Life by using NIOXIN’s NEW 3 part system kits to deliver even thicker and fuller hair***. It is hoped the results from the products and the boost in self-esteem will lead to an improvement in your cleint’s wellbeing long-term.

Plus NIOXIN 3-Part Systems Kits have been reinvented and now contain pioneering Pro-Color Shield Technology, which instantly seals hair cuticles and protects hair colour for up to 18 washes****. There is also a new in-salon product called 3D Color Lock Therapy, uniquely designed for thinning hair clients who colour their hair. It acts as a post-colour treatment that not only seals in colour, but increases breakage protection during shampooing by up to 50 percent*****.

* globally selling ** Value Data Kline & Company  *** vs. hair treated with 24h average amount of sebum  **** Based on a survey among 230 panelists concerned about thinning hair conducted by SIRS, 2016  ***** Based on a hair length of 12˝, measured by weight of broken hair versus non-conditioning shampoo. NB: NIOXIN’s Global Research into hair thinning is based on the data collected from a December 2016 online survey of 4,000 adults conducted by One Poll across 6 markets (Brazil, Canada, Italy, Spain, UK and USA).