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| April 19, 2021

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Eleventh Hour Beauty reports demand for hair services

Eleventh Hour Beauty reports demand for hair services
Sam Robinson

Hair salons and barbershops in England are anticipating an unprecedented demand for hair services when they re-open on Saturday 4th July, after having been closed for a total of 105 days since 23rd March.

All The Hair

Whilst clients have been apart from their hairdressers and barbers, their hair will have grown on average around three inches – or around 8cm. With the average hair salon in the UK seeing around 25 clients per day, and the fact that hairdressers have been closed for 105 days means there are potentially 2,625 missed appointments with a collective hair growth of 7,875 inches. That’s about 200 metres, or taller than St Paul’s Cathedral or the Blackpool Tower.

Hair Miles

In 2019 there were an estimated 43,500 hair, beauty and barbering business in the UK. So if each salon has a collective hair growth of 200 metres, and there are 43,500 salons, that’s a countrywide collective hair growth of 8.7 million metres. That’s about the same distance from London to Los Angeles, in hair miles rather than air miles.

4200 Missed Appointments

Clients with fades or to upkeep shorter styles generally visit their barbers every two weeks. With an average shop having four barbers, each doing ten cuts per day, that’s 4,200 missed appointments that need to be done over the next few months.

Demand Is Higher Than Ever

Whichever way you look at it, demand for hair services is going to be higher than ever. Some salons in the UK have backlogs of appointments for months, with some reporting thousands of clients on the waiting list before the doors have even opened.

No Walk-Ins

Eleventh Hour Beauty founder, Abigail Fletcher says, “The new guidelines for hair and barbershops require bookings only and no walk-ins. This means both clients and salons need to be thoroughy organised. We offer the most cost-effective way of linking clients wanting a hair or barber service with the salons who can accommodate them. Our salon clients pay nothing for their first 11 weeks and then it’s a fixed fee with no hidden costs or commission. Clients can find the hair service in a salon near them in an instance. Perfect for salons who may have last minute cancellations due to a client displaying coronavirus symptons and for somone who suddenly has time for an all-important hair appointment.”

Free Subscription

In these difficult times, there is no initial financial commitment required from salons – in fact, they will have a FREE eleven-week subscription if they sign up before Saturday 4th July – with the free subscription starting from this date. Salons can sign-up now to ensure they keep in contact with clients, promote services and begin taking the real bookings that will revive their businesses.* For every salon, freelancer or customer that signs up to the platform, Eleventh Hour Beauty will be donating £1.00 to the Hair & Beauty Charity Covid-19 Relief Fund.


Prices for Eleventh Hour Beauty start at £9.99 per month for a student with one diary/column up to £49.99 per month for 6-10 diaries/columns and no fee is required until after 11 weeks if sign up is carried out before Saturday 4th July.

For more info, please visit Eleventh Hour Beauty here.