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| July 26, 2021

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Sam Robinson

The NEW ELEVEN AUSTRALIA GENTLE CLEANSE SHAMPOO BAR and GENTLE HYDRATE CONDITIONER BAR is a clean, vegan, zero waste and plastic-free solid shampoo and conditioner bar packed with Shea Butter, Argan Oil and Hydrolysed Jojoba Esters to cleanse and nourish the scalp. Formulated with a fresh pear scent and using advanced, hard-working ingredients that mirror the results of our liquid counterpart. Formulas are gentle on your scalp (and the environment!).

Solid Form

The sulphate free, paraben free, gluten free and vegan Shampoo and conditioner bars contain the same cleansing agents as regular shampoo and conditioners but in a solid form. With 100% biodegradable packaging they are a great way to reduce the amount of packaging in your life.Just rub the bar over your roots and hair,and gently massage as you would with a liquid shampoo. Thanks to our premium formula, you’ll get the same lather!

Detangle + Strengthen

The GENTLE CLEANSE SHAMPOO BAR and GENTLE HYDRATE CONDITIONER BARS are packed with Cocoa Seed Butter and Hydrolysed Soy Protein to help detangle and strengthen the hair. Coconut oil helps clear away residue and grease left on the scalp whilst helping the hair retain protein. Argan Oil protects by adding a layer of heat protection resulting in less breakage, while Hydrolysed Jojoba Esters conditions the scalp and strengthens the hair. 

The GENTLE HYDRATE CONDITIONER BAR also includes Hydrolysed Soy and Oat proteins to help strengthen and add shine to the hair strands.

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Sustainability Is Key

“We wanted to create an amazing product that was also sustainable. It was important to us that we created a shampoo and conditioner bar with a firm texture, a great pear scent and a gentle formula that you can use daily,” says Joey Scandizzo, CoCreative Director of ELEVENAustralia. ““That’s why we chose to use a coconut and olive fruit-based cleanser as they don’t irritate the scalp or strip the hair of its natural oil.” The shampoo and conditioner bars have zero waste packaging and replaces an average of 4.5 pounds of single-use plastic in the bathroom per person per year, and each bar lasts longer than a bottle equivalent would—the 100g shampoo bar, for example, is the equivalent of 2 300ml shampoo bottles, or around 100washes, while the 70g conditioner bar lasts up to 70 washes which is the equivalent of 1.5of a standard 300ml conditioner bottle. *Depending on hair length and thickness.


Massage GENTLE CLEANSE SHAMPOO BAR onto wet hair or lather in hands. Work shampoo into hair and scalp. Rinse. Repeat as required. Follow by massaging GENTLE HYDRATE CONDITIONER BAR the bar onto wet hair or hands. Work conditioner through mid-lengths and ends.Rinse.

For more info on the brand, visit ELEVEN AUSTRALIA here.