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| January 26, 2021

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education tool

education tool
Joanne Charlton

Schwarzkopf Professional ASK Education has launched a brand new platform for its hairdresser training and education online.

ASK Education embodies Schwarzkopf Professional’s belief in the power of knowledge
to shape futures, and this new blog shares that hairdressing knowledge. Providing unlimited online access to the latest information on technical skills as well as the business of running a salon.

“We are so excited to launch this brand new platform for our customers”, says Tiffany McLean, ASK Academy Manager. “We understand how hard it can be to make time to improve your skills and business, so now education can work around you, 24/7.”

Covering all aspects of business, consultation, creativity, essential looks and essential skills, this brand new tool will be invaluable for hairdressers at every level. To start learning today or for more information, visit the website at

schwarzkopf- ask.html