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| April 23, 2021

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Edinburgh salon hosts Fringe comedy show Foiled

Edinburgh salon hosts Fringe comedy show Foiled
Fiona Ward

Ruby Rouge Hairdressing in Edinburgh is set to make its stage debut next month, as it becomes a performance venue for a comedy show about hairdressing during the city’s annual Fringe Festival!

Foiled, by writer and performer Beth Granville, invites audiences to immerse themselves in the secret world of styling while Sabrina and her team attempt to perform mission impossible, hair-wise.

In the show, salon ‘Bleach for the Stars’ specialises in celebrity dip dyes and off-kilter karaoke but today its doors are closed (again) so that manageress and chief style engineer Sabrina can get busy nominating herself for the prestigious Clipadvisor Salon of the Year award. When bald out-of-work actor Richie arrives for a career-saving hair-do, over-talented and under-employed assistant stylist Tanisha must convince Sabrina that you simply can’t buy success. Except, of course, when you can.

“Over the years I’ve sat in hairdressers’ chairs for what would probably amount to months of my life,” says writer Beth. “In those chairs (part-time confessionals) I have laughed, cried and shared some of my darkest secrets. With more mirrors than a fun house and sharp objects in such perilous proximity to people’s heads, the stakes are always high. Love or hate a trip to the hairdressers, everyone who’s been to one has a story and I’m excited to tell mine.”

Doesn’t it sound brilliant? To find out more about the show, follow @foiledplay on Twitter.