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| August 8, 2020

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Easy Steps For Festival-Ready Hair With Alter Ego Italy

Easy Steps For Festival-Ready Hair With Alter Ego Italy
Sam Robinson

An estimated 30 million people visited a UK festival in 2016, with figures set to rise year on year * – and getting festival ready is big business with the right beauty and fashion accessories just as important as the headline act.

Getting hair ready and packing the right products for a few days at one with nature needs planning and preparation – so what should you be doing for 2018?

Go Big!

“Go big or go home!” says Alter Ego Italy creative ambassador, Pete Burkill. “With artists being braver than ever with their hair, so should you! More is definitely more with the revival of the Noughties – more height, more box braids, more colour, more texture.”

The Colour

And when it comes hair colour, a festival is the ideal opportunity to try something new – Just for the weekend. “A festival is a great excuse to get creative with your hair colour,” says UK colour ambassador, Issie Churcher. “Warmer, honey blondes should opt for pink and corals to inject a colourful pop, while cooler, lighter blondes have the upper hand here with limitless options. Go for milky minty shades or lilac hues with accents of ultra violet to achieve this year’s colour of the season.”

Top Tips + Essentials 

  • Dry Shampoo  which will take you through a few days without the feeling of dirty tresses.
  • Sun protection spray to protect your hair as well as your skin with a UVA protection spray simply spritzed onto hair every day, such as Alter Ego Italy Protection Oil.
  • Hair fragrance for unwashed, sweaty hair can become a little bit stinky, so spritz with a hair fragrance to keep smelling fresh day and night.
  • Sea salt spray. On day one wear braids, day two remove them and spritz hair with sea salt spray for mermaid waves, then on day three pile it high into a messy topknot.
  • Semi-permanent colour. The brighter and more intensive the colour, the longer it will last. So, if you’re returning to a more conservative workplace, choose a stonewashed pastel that will quickly wash out.

*Survey conducted by UK Music

For more information on Alter Ego Italy products visit Sweet Squared here.