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| March 30, 2020

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Discover The Story Behind Loverboy

Discover The Story Behind Loverboy
Rebecca Parker

Conceptually ‘Lover Boy’ is a contemporary flow of freshly inspired trends from men’s fashion. While longer lengths is a trend during 17/18, there’s an energy empowering young men everywhere on the street. ‘Bringing together new pop culture, our models delivered a vibe on set that pushed the shoot to have a feeling that could only be achieved there and then’ Matt Stark.

Intrigued to discover more? Read the story about Loverboy from Matt Stark himself with our interview below.

An interview about Loverboy with Matt Stark -

An interview about Loverboy with Matt Stark –

Salon Business (SB): Who did you work with?
Matt Stark (MS):I collaborated with Tom Fraud for photography and Andrea Stark for makeup. They both get my taste my style.

SB: What were your influences?
MS: My influences come from pop culture. I wanted each image to look like it could be a poster on a teenager’s bedroom wall; I wanted every image to have a romanticism yet innocently presented.

SB:What inspires you?
MS: I collect pictures on my phone constantly. They generally are not hair related I’m just obsessed with strong imagery. And I just file them like until something inspires me, then I mood board everything. For Loverboy the mood was important and I became obsessed with having a red background but it had to be cherry coke red very specific. Then the romance came from there. Finally, I always like my images to look like they could be an album cover. I spent months on creating the mood and then I selected the correct models and hair to follow.

SB: What to look towards for ideas for your newer collections?
MS: Fashion, design and art

An image from the Loverboy collection -

SB: Tell us about your creative process?
MS: I wanted the hair to be very now, current, possibly even ahead of its trend.
That involved movement, an almost undone feel to it. A lot of the younger generation are wearing their hair 90’s inspired with very few hard lines soft and slightly feminine, so I would be mad to go against that. I also love that look there is almost something flamboyant about it.

The moving imagery happened with us just playing around after each model, unaware that the material would be good enough to use. After the shoot we played them back and loved them. It was then that I knew I would use the video for like a teaser campaign. To show moving hair is very cool and sets the mood even further. I always name my collection no differently to a songwriter naming a song, so the title didn’t come to me until the day of the shoot. Once the first two models were shot Loverboy just came to me it fitted the concept. I was happy.

SB: What is ahead for Matt Stark?
MS: 2018 will be busy, I’ll be working heavily on fashion weeks across Europe delivering a new collection. Doing shows in the USA whilst staying heavily involved in my salon STARK in Southend on Sea, UK.

Visit Stark Hair Salon here to find out more.